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"When this whole thing started what kept me up at night is the possibility of mass casualties in our community," Riya Ortiz told Newsweek.
"We're not selling anything," Sacco said Tuesday. "Every single bit of this is donation-only or nothing."
"I almost cried," said a user of Six Feet Supplies, a charity started by teenagers who shop for those susceptible to COVID-19.
The foodie authorities share with Newsweek they've seen an uptick in slow cooking, getting creative with food scraps and even virtual dinner parties.
Whether you prefer a coffee spiced with pepper, a half-caf venti no-foam soy latte from your favorite barista; or a coffee with cheese, here's a sampling of caffeinated rituals from across the globe.
Fans may be lamenting the end of the 'Star Wars' series, but they can still visit these film locations and space-themed destinations.

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